Event Entry Details

A Taranaki Windsurfing Club Event Sanctioned by Windsurfing New Zealand Inc

1. Organiser

Taranaki Windsurfing Club in collaboration with Windsurfing New Zealand Inc.

2. Eligibility and Entries

For insurance purposes competitors who are not already a member of Windsurfing New Zealand Inc or an affiliated club will automatically be made a member of Taranaki Windsurfing Club.

3. Liability & Safety instructions

Competitors enter the event at their own risk. The Taranaki Windsurfing Club, Windsurfing New Zealand Inc, their officers, the event organisers, and volunteers are not responsible under any circumstance for any kind of loss or damage or injury sustained by any person or equipment. Participation in the events is at the sole discretion of the competitor and at his/her own risk.

Equipment is solely your responsibility. You must be sure that your equipment is adequate to face different conditions expected in the competition. You have sole responsibility for your decisions to enter, start and continue in the event.

You represent that your windsurfing skills are sufficient to allow you to participate safely in the event. You must attend the daily skippers meeting, any beach briefing or speak to the competition director to hear any safety related information, before entering the water to compete each day.

You represent that you have no medical or other condition that may increase the risks to you or others if you participate in the Event.

You represent that you will not participate in the Event under the influence of alcohol or any mind altering substance.

If the competition director assumes that a competitor needs assistance, the competitor must accept assistance and follow further instructions.

A buddy system will be in operation during the event to ensure that all competitors have someone looking out for them. Buddies are responsible for making sure their buddies are safe and accounted for. The buddy system will be explained to you at the registration.