Taranaki Wave Classic – The Event

1983 was the year that the Taranaki Wave Classic was born, in it’s first guise as the Sirocco Expression Session. Biggie Smithers, along with his board brand Sirocco, ran the first wave sailing contest in Taranaki. It was designed to maximise time on the water for all competitors – this format proved an instant success with 60-70 sailors participating.

By this time Carbon Art had moved into the region and was bringing the latest Maui windsurfing shapes and technology to Taranaki’s shores. In 1998 Carbon Art lifted the load off Biggie shoulders and continued with the event rebranded the Carbon Art Classic. This event continued until 2002 when the Carbon Art Classic was revamped and renamed to become the awesome Taranaki Wave Classic we know today.


Whatever the weather, our goal is for you to have the best time possible, both on and off the water. This means the most epic BBQs, beers, tall stories and sessions in the wind and waves. To cap a great weekend off, this is all followed up by the legendary TWC dinner and party.
And who knows, this year may be your turn to win a state of the art Carbonart Windsurf Board, as well as sails, masts, booms and other wonderful spot prizes. See you there!

The TWC is all about fun, with its expression session format where competitors free-sail in whatever conditions occur at the chosen location for that day. There are no heats, no man-on-man elimination and no stress. The winners is picked by the sailors, while most participants walk away with a spot prize.

The main event runs over New Zealand’s Labour Day weekend. Remember it’s all about fun so bring your toys!

Warm Up Fun Day – Friday

This day will be a good chance to get used to the conditions and locations before the main competition starts. People are free to sail where and when they like.

Special Event to be confirmed for the evening

Event Day 1 – Saturday

First day of official competition begins at one of the 4 possible locations.

  • 9am – Registration at the Oakura Boardriders, Club, Oakura Beach, Taranaki.
  • 10am – Briefing at the Oakura Boardriders, Club, Oakura Beach, Taranaki.
  • 11am till Dark – Sailing at the beach.
  • 5:30pm BBQ is fired up and beers are opened at Oakura Boardriders Club

Event Day 2 – Sunday

Second day of the official competition.

  • 10am – Briefing at the Oakura Boardriders, Club, Oakura Beach, Taranaki.
  • 11am – Sailing at the beach.
  • 7:30 – BBQ Dinner and prize giving at Oakura.

Event Day 3 – Monday (Labour Day)

Lay day, if any of the previous days fail to provide decent competition conditions then Monday will become the final day of competion.

*note times are only a guideline. Times may change due to weather conditions.