Taranaki Wave Classic – The Event

1983 was the year that the Taranaki Wave Classic was born, in it’s first guise as the Sirocco Expression Session. Biggie Smithers, along with his board brand Sirocco, ran the first wave sailing contest in Taranaki. It was designed to maximise time on the water for all competitors – this format proved an instant success with 60-70 sailors participating.

By this time Carbon Art had moved into the region and was bringing the latest Maui windsurfing shapes and technology to Taranaki’s shores. In 1998 Carbon Art lifted the load off Biggie shoulders and continued with the event rebranded the Carbon Art Classic. This event continued until 2002 when the Carbon Art Classic was revamped and renamed to become the awesome Taranaki Wave Classic we know today.

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New Zealand - Windsurfing Paradise!


Taranaki has 105 kilometres of world famous coast line. This spectacular coast line is followed by Surf Highway 45. Surf Highway 45 gives access to untold amounts of amazing windsurfing locations. The Taranaki Peninsular has 180 degrees of coast line allowing for amazing cross-off shore windsurfing in any conditions. World class port and starboard tack down the line wave sailing is on offer.

The Taranaki Wave Classic is held at 4 possible locations, this gives us the best chance of finding some good conditions somewhere along the coastline.


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TWC 2021 Event

TWC 2021 Event is On – Same chilled out format as last year

We are fast headed toward 22nd–25th October long weekend 2021 (that’s right, we’re taking the Friday off as well, since we know hardly anyone bothers going into the office anymore, and you guys will all be here in Taranaki frothing anyway). So, is the Taranaki Wave Classic on this year? You bet your eco-friendly cotton socks it is!

The forecast is FUNtastic! In truth, the actual weather on the day is anyone’s guess. You read it here first… whatever that means… Anyway. Let us say this: the westerlies have begun blasting through Taranaki already, and given the last 6 months of pandemic, plague and moral panic, we are amped to be getting out on the water and loving life. This year’s Taranaki Wave Classic will be the same chilled out format as last year—awesome sailing at one of the classic Taranaki down-the-line wavesailing spots, followed by a BBQ and a few drinks for everyone at the beach after each day’s fun.

Get down here and bring all your toys—entry fee is a token $10—we are looking forward to seeing the whole New Zealand windsurfing and wavesailing crew.

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